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Earn extra money with these apps

How does free money sound to you ? I will gladly take it. I have tried several online tricks to make money but they all turned out to be my waste of time. I don’t belive in surveys since after questiioning me for 10 minutes, it always tells me that I don’t qualify for that particular type of survey(how racist), and I should continue to look for other surveys. Even if you get accepted, they pay out is so low that it always made me feel worthless. Time is money and if am spending half an hour to earn 5o cents, I am not spending my time wisely.

So what are other ways to make money? To answer this, I have spent numerous hours searching for this question, hoping someone would just give me the secret to make big bucks. Eventhough I could not find the internet genie whol would fulfill all my wishes, I found some helpful information that would earn me a little bit of side money every month so I could keep paying for my coffee and gas.

The only weapon you would need is your smartphone. Today the competition between companies has become so fierce that they would pretty much do everything to get you insider their door. Target has started their Cartwheel program which lets you earn points while walking in the aisle. Other companies have also come up with ways to not only promote thier business in a different way, but also to get feed back directly from customers.

To cut it short, I have found these Apps that will pay you for installing them. Lets have a look at these Apps.

  • Nielsen Homescan:

    • This company will pay you for scanning grocerries. Once you sign up, you can either use your smarthphone or ask them to send you a scanner to scan groceries. Send you data to them and get points which you can redeem for giftcards.
  • Field Agnet:

    • This app will give you small tasks to complete. You look at the map to see if there are any jobs available in your area, you accept the job, complete it in 2 hours, and submit you proof. The payout is usually very good(between$3-9) per job.
  • Recepit Hog:

    • This app is very similar to IBotta. You take a pic of your purchase and you submit your recepit to earn cash. The good thing about this app is that you can take a picture of any of your purchase and send it, whereas IBotta reuires you to purchase certain items to earn money. Pay out is less than IBotta but hey, I am not complaining as long as I get free money.
  • Lucktastic:

    This app lets you play as if you were playing loto. Every day you get a few cards to scratch and you can end up winning as much as $10,000. So what are you thinking? Download this app and start playing.

  • Cashpoint:

    • This app offers coins for downloading free games. You can also earn extra coins by referring friends to download this app.
  • Cash App:

    • You can make good money by downloading games.
  • Mintcoins:

    • Mint coins has been around for a while and has received good overall rating. You can make money by watching videos and answering a few short questions.
  • Wild Wallet:

    • With Wild Wallet you can earn money by installing and running free apps and games, complete paid surveys, watching movies and signing up to donation offers. The app also offers credits for referring your friends to download the app
  • Panel Place:

    • Panel place is one of the best apps that lets you make money with Iphone or Android. To use their app, first you have to sign up by going to their website. Once you are signed up, you can download the app on our phone and start earning money.



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